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Version 2.0 out now!!!
Featuring a lot of new functions such as grip scroll mode (google map drag and drop scroll). News ticker scrolls (horizontal and vertical). Check out the kXScroll page for more.

Version 2 out now!!!
A lot of new features and improvements. Visit here for more information.


Welcome to Keylinx is a company located in Sweden which have developed software and provided consultancy since 2002.

We have expertize in content management systems and web development for the Windows platform. We are specialized on the DotNetNuke platform, where we provide modules and skins. Use or the DotNetNuke Market Place to buy our products, or buy them direct here.
Do you want to contact us? Please use the info [at] mail address, or use the contact form at here. If you are using the contact form, please do not forget to state your mail address if you want a reply from us.

This is the products and services we can offer, for more information visit the products page and the services page.




Our speciality is to package powerful javascripts into easily configured modules. Why spend a lot of time inserting scripts into your portal, when you can just add a module to your page that take care of the job? If you register you can download trial versions of our modules.

Do you want a new skin for your site? Check out our standard DotNetNuke skins with a professional look and feel. If you register, there is skins for free.

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