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Nov 7

Written by: Tobias (Keylinx)
Wed, 07 Nov 2007 23:30:26 GMT

A lot of people has been emailing us asking about the roadmap of kXScroll. When will the next version be out and what does it contain? Well, we intend to release one version with approximately 5-7 weeks cycles. That means that the v1.3 is soon to be hitting the stores (well, the store as we only support Snowcovered). The following improvements will be done:

  • Warning messagebox when changing content without saving in edit scroll will appear.
  • Add HTML rich text boxes in settings, where HTML content shall be edited.
  • Provide option to set left and right arrows on left side resp. right side of scroll.
  • Provide option to set up and down links above and below the scroll. 
  • Looping/wrapping content will be there.



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