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Sep 29

Written by: Tobias (Keylinx)
Sat, 29 Sep 2007 12:28:04 GMT

A week passes fast. This week we've been occupied by enhancing the gallery module. We have decided to do some more work on that, before releasing it, since there still are some features that we decided to include in the initial release.

There have been some critiscism on our module kXScroll on snowcovered. Actually a bug was found by a customer, so we will try to have a new version out here by the end of next week. We will include some other fixes as well.

Some feedback also stated that our module is not that user friendly and you have to know a lot of HTML to be able to use it. Well being a web master or designer without knowing the basics of HTML is something we did not expect to find among our customers. We will of course take that into consideration and try to provide the module with some more wizards for the most common tasks. We are also investigating how we can inject other DNN Modules in our scroll. That I think would be a very cool feature. Looping the content is also something that is high upon our agenda. Well have a nice weekend!


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