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Sep 11

Written by: Tobias (Keylinx)
Tue, 11 Sep 2007 09:37:30 GMT

Today we upgraded the to v1.1 of kXScroll. A minor issue was detected due to the export of the content in v1.0 related to headings named "<None>". It was misleaded as an xml tag. Watch out for this problem when you upgrade. However it is simple to fix, just open the exported xml-file and add some CDATA tag around it. If you have problem, do not hesitate to use our support.

If everything goes well with the dog fooding we plan to release v1.1 at the middle of the week. Next target is to upgrade kXPngFix and finish off our brand new module kXGallery, which we believe will be a welcomed tool to the DNN Experience. We will also make an effort to straighten up our web pages here with a new skin. Perhaps we will also do some minor fixes to our free skin Evil Skin. So stay tuned, things starts to happen here now!

Now it is time for a well earned sunny weekend. Gothenburg/Sweden is nice this time of the year.



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